3 main points I got from reading The millionnaire fast lane by M. J. DeMarco

1. There is a slow lane and a fast lane

in the book this is one of the main point the book. The slow lane is what most people “believe” is the right way of becoming Rich. The fast lane is what you propose a way to become rich in a faster amount of time.

2.“Wealth is a formula, not an ingredient.”

Most people treat wealth as a ingredient something that they need vs something that is The result of. When you start looking at getting well as areas all of you doing work then you actually might get the result of getting wealth versus if you look at it as if It’s something that you need you may not achieve it.

3. Investing into yourself

The biggest thing I got out of reading this book is that you need of both time into yourself and energy. You can’t expect to get rich overnight it’s a process. Understanding that it’s not really for everybody and that it will happen naturally if you put in the work. Gaining wealth, Is not a solution to a problem if the result of you putting in work the book promotes you having your own business and enterpreneurship. I think that this book also prods looking into the biographies of other successors to understand how they became that way.


Over all after reading this book I would highly recommend it for anybody that intrested in self progress this book promotes being a successful person if you put your mind to it. As the author put and the book the fast lane it’s not for everybody and you really have to be self conscious of that. Just having an understanding dog the difference between the feeling in the fast lane can make a difference in your life. The book does not promote you investing all of your money into such stuff That you have no idea about. But the author does promote you educating yourself so that if you do want to start gaining wealth to do so.

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