Review- Creating a daily reading pactice by Pernille Norregaard and 3 things I got from it.


This book is a great and short book. I would give this book 5 stars out of 5. This book is a great motivation for how you can improve your writing. It gives you a lot of great ways to get you going on your writing. I was able to get out of reading this to write daily and keep up on my blog.

Top 3 things I got from the book

1. Write daily. Have your goals in mine to a set amount of time and words that you would like to write. Have a daily goal will keep you on track to Achieve your goal of either reading your blog or book.

2. Get Inspired. Now as much as getting expired sound so simple, it’s not as simple as you may think. Getting motivated and Staying motivated are two different things and this book helped me understand the differences between staying and getting motivation.understanding this inspires me to write daily and Continue to be Inspired.

3. Not to get discouraged. Again this sounds Easy enough but it easy to get discouraged especially with others around you. They may not necessarily support what you’re going in or around your life. Staying positive is hard but if you give up you will never know what could try your best every day.

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