new year reset time!

It’s time. 2018 is here. I decided this year to reset my life goals. I am  Like most Americans and I tend to start something but not necessarily finish it. This year I decided to not only history supper and but to set goals to keep on with my yearly goal.  The biggest challenge I face within the next year like most people is motivation. One way that I’m going to be working on this the setting reminders on my calendar to do specific things and also utilizing a planner this next year. I’ve already started this by a building up my mind by reading 45 minutes A-day to hopefully accomplish a book a week.  I’m choosing right now to start out by reading a lot of business and mind building books to also increase my knowledge. But hardest challenge with this is cost,  To avoid a lot of costs I’ve been checking out books there the library and I think this will be the best option, for now, the only negative about that is that you cannot highly are taken notes in the book, but I have my notebook which I bought for the New Year to take notes in. I am trying to post again  Least once a month to keep me in check with my goals and also To blog about books and articles that I have been reading.

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